Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bat Night

Funny story:  a few months ago we were out for our family walk when a mini-van with Indiana license plates pulled up and asked us for directions to the Broadway wash to watch the bats fly.  Stevie had no idea what they were talking about but I, very confidently, told them to head down Grant all the way to River and Campbell.  And we sent them on their way.

Fast-forward to this past week when we were notified that Shyla's preschool had been invited by the 1st graders to Bat Night.  To watch the bats fly.  From the Broadway wash.  Which is, you know, about 2.5 miles from our neighborhood.


Anyway, Shyla was super excited about it and talked about it all week.  She got even more excited as she and her friends made their Bat Night shirts with their hands and feet.

When we got there, she got even more excited that Zachary and Lilly were there.  We had decided if we saw the Indiana mini-van there, we would just keep driving, but thankfully no!

(P.S. Love this picture)

The actual flying of the bats was cool.  We had to wait nearly an hour for it to happen, though, amidst lots and lots of people and steep dropoffs down into the wash with children hanging and climbing everywhere.

But it was wonderful to see Shyla in a social environment like that.  She was hugging her friends and waving to them!  She was hugging her teachers and wanting to go see them and talk to them.  She was truly happy and excited.

I am amazed by my girl each and everyday.  I just cannot believe how big and mature she's getting - it's fun to watch and we are so proud of her!


Your Mom said...

Sooo like her mom even more each day! It is a hard shell for her to come out of but when she does it is amazing!...and getting out of said shell has to be on her terms only!!!

Erin =) said...

Way to go, Bat Girl and Bat Momma! That is such a fun idea =)