Monday, September 24, 2012

P/T Conference

I've conducted nearly 600 parent/teacher conferences but last week I had my first one sitting on the other side of the table.  I have to admit, it was a little intimidating!  That's something that many parents tell us - but I never really "got" it.

As every good parent does, I brought a special treat for the teachers since I understand that conferences take a lot of extra time and energy.  I waited until the conference was over to give them their pumpkin cookies from Paradise Bakery, so it wouldn't look like a bribe!

Stevie and I were incredibly impressed by how professional the conference was and how much preparation had gone into it.

Shyla sat in the corner reading books while they showed us her portfolio and how she was doing on each early development standard.  For each one they had photographs and stories!

Here's what we took away: this girl is brilliant!

For each standard she is achieving at a 4 year old level (keep in mind she is only 3 years and 4 months) and she is even achieving at a 5 year old level when it comes to reciting songs, poems, and stories.

That is all fine and good - but I wasn't surprised.  She amazes us everyday with her knowledge and language development and, of course, motor development.

We know she is smart but that wasn't the part of the conference I was most interested in.

I worry much more about her socially than I probably every will academically.  As you know, the first few six weeks were a really tough transition.  Filled with tears and uncertainty.  But we have seen a switch and a drastic change in her over the past few weeks, so I was most interested to hear from them about that.  Turns out, they have seen it too!  She is socializing well and making good friends; but she is also comfortable reading or playing alone.  She is never crying when I drop her off anymore and always actively engaged in something by the time her classroom opens (I have to drop her off about 15 minutes before her side opens).  She is helpful at school and has picked up the procedures and routines really well.

We are proud!


Your Mom said...

She is brilliant...and she is growing up so nicely! What a sweetie!

Erin =) said...

Well of course, we all know she's the smartest cookie in the bunch! I'm so happy to hear she's doing better socially - that is such a big transition and I'm so proud of her (and all of you!) for sticking it out 'til it got better!