Sunday, September 9, 2012

Training for Vegas: Week 1: Epic Fail

With our Vegas race being 12 weeks away, and the weather supposedly starting to "cool off," this past week was supposed to start my training.

Be prepared for lots of excuses.

I had actually planned on starting the weekend before while we were in the cool temperatures of the White Mountains, but my breathing (or lack thereof) prevented that from happening.

I thought I would blog about my weekly training - for the accountability.  Week 1, as you can read from the title, was an epic fail.  Check it out, the second row indicated what I was supposed to do (according to Hal Higdon) and the third row, very honestly, states what I did.

So what happened?  In a word: life.  In another word: work.  I blame the kids who don't turn in their homework actually.

I remembered on Tuesday afternoon at 2:55PM that I had after-school PRIDE duty (that's our cool way of saying "detention") which pushes my leaving back from 3:31PM to 4:45PM.  Then of course it's straight home for dinner, bath, and bedtime.  That lasts all week long (except Friday) and that is my main excuse for this week.

My second excuse is that Stevie was out of town from Friday through today which means it is all me - the cooking, cleaning, wiping (and there's been a lot of that these days), soothing, back-petting, etc.  I love every single one of my mom-duties (even the excessive wiping) but it doesn't leave a lot of time (or energy) for much else.

I really should be doing my running in the morning.  But .... (ready for another excuse?) I already wake up at 4:45AM everyday.  If my calculations are correct, in order to get a 3 mile run in before a school-day, I would need to wake up at 4:05AM, run from 4:15-4:45AM, then get myself ready.

Ready for the best part?  This upcoming week really isn't much better!  I have an after-school meeting on Wednesday, then parent-teacher conferences on Thursday and Friday, which are both long and exhausting.  And of course each week of training gets progressively more time-consuming.

Before I sign-off from this depressing post, I'd like to share a conversation between me and Stevie that occurred a few weeks ago:

ME:  "By the way, I printed your training plan.  I printed you the Intermediate and me the Novice II"
STEVIE:  "What?!?  You just took away the one part of training that I am successful with: printing the plan.  Why would you take that away from me?"
ME:  "Because I'm a ninja."

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chelsea said...

Does it help that my week of training looks similar to yours, without the valid excuses? Also, I need to print a plan.
Hang in there sis!