Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall Vacation: Day 1: Back at the Resort

After the fun at the Children's Museum we headed back to the resort.  Both girls fell asleep in the car, which meant they didn't take real naps back at the hotel.  After eating a quick lunch and resting a bit, we decided to go to the playground.  I really liked this playground because it was tightly gated in (i.e. no way to escape) and there was only one place Harper could fall off.  I sat in that one place so the girls could pretty much run wild and free.

I LOVE watching them play and laugh together!

Notice Shyla's sweatshirt says, "Jump and Spin."  Fitting.

Harper loves to do whatever Shyla does - they both laughed hysterically after Harper took this shoe to the face!

HA!  HA!  Look at this picture!  Stevie said she looked like a porcupine!

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Erin =) said...

These are hilarious!