Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fall Vacation: Day 1: Children's Museum

Last weekend we took a short vacation that started out in Scottsdale, finishing up the last of our 2012 timeshare.  We stayed at the Sheraton Desert Oasis because Kierland wasn't available.  It was nice, but definitely not as family-friendly as Kierland has always been.

We drove up after work on Thursday.  Basically that evening we just had time for baths (in the giant jacuzi tub with the jets), a little playtime, and then bedtime.

The real fun started Friday!  As the girls started waking up, I decided to let Stevie sleep in a little bit.  But as soon as I got Harper out of her crib and got her jammies off, I realized she was going to need a bath!  Shyla and I went into the bedroom and started getting the water ready (yes, the tub was in the bedroom).  She was excited to be helping with Harper's bath, but somehow managed to get her thumb caught in the faucet resulting in this cut, a lot of screaming, and an awoken Stevie.

But, we got passed all that trauma and made it to the Children's Museum of Phoenix!  Shyla was super excited to see the 3-story tall climbing structure and immediately she and Stevie started making their way through it while Harper and I played down below.  Unfortunately, not long after that Stevie carried her out of the structure.  They both looked a bit shocked.  She was crying and they both had blood on them.  Yep, blood.  Shyla had tripped and hit her face on a pretend boat.  It looked as if she had just bitten her lip - turns out it was a little worse than that and you can see the pictures below.

 Notice the blood on Stevie's shirt?  It's on the back too!  We ended up throwing the shirt away.  Throughout our visit at the museum I kept pretending people weren't noticing and staring at us!

And now for a few pictures of the injury:

 The elbow took a good beating, apparently, but she never once complained about it.

This is what the inside of her mouth looked like on Saturday morning.  From Friday through Monday she would cry every time she ate or drank anything (even cookies!).

And here you can see the teeth marks on her bottom lip where we thought most of the damage was originally.  I took her to the dentist today to have it looked at.  Turns out she likely pushed the baby tooth up into the gums a bit and it may fuze with the adult tooth.  Not a big deal though - when it's time for the baby tooth to come out they just may have to pull it and fix any staining on the adult tooth.

The Children's Museum of Phoenix was really cool!  But, I must admit it was a bit overwhelming and very costly.  I don't think I would ever want to go there without Stevie, like I do to the Tucson museum, but I'm glad we went!

The rest of Friday was spent at the resort.  More on that later.


Your Mom said...

Great pictures of the ongoing Forgi fun and traumas...your pictures do document a lot of bodily injury (even the dog!!)

Mom again.. said...

All this trauma I may have to call the "CPA" (comment intended for you,Stevie Joe!)

Erin = ) said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like a fun, albeit traumatic, experience. Some of my fave pics from when I was little are of me and my injuries -it sounds funny, but kids love to see their cuts and bruises!