Wednesday, November 28, 2012

School Pictures!

Since the primary reason for this blog is to share pictures, I thought it fitting to share the most recent school pictures.

When Shyla was at daycare, she cried every time they had school pictures.  Thus, I thought this baby-school picture of Harper was a success!  She looks a little unsure of the situation, but she's not crying at least.  And I happen to think that her ponytail and shoes look adorable!

Knowing this would be Shyla's first preschool picture, we talked about it for days to get her ready.  I had a different outfit picked out but, of course, she had her own decision made.  I was actually thrilled she wanted to wear her mexican dress again!  Ms. Jessica mentioned to me that Shy had done a great job smiling for the camera and boy she was right!  This picture captures Shyla's true essence!  Her smile, long bangs, and bags under her eyes!


Your Mom said...

That is my Shy...the most wonderful conplex little soul ...great picture and you are right; captures her!

Erin =) said...

Too cute!!