Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

The Halloween season started off great!  Shyla decided she wanted to be a bumblebee after she saw a costume at Old Navy.  It was $15.  Boom.  Done.  And we even picked out a flower costume for Harper.  Shyla said she would kiss and hug Harper a lot, to simulate the pollination process.  How freakin' cute is that?

The first festivity we had was on October 19th.  Right after soccer practice we changed into her costume and drove back to Vail for Spooktacular at her preschool.  As always, I was mostly glad we went to see her interact with her friends.  It was cute, but short.  Everyone loved her costume because she looked adorable and because her classroom is called the Busy Bees.

The weekend after Spooktacular Shyla had a destructive tantrum.  These have become fewer and fewer (thankfully).  Sadly, the bumblebee costume took the brunt of the tantrum and was ripped up.

Her consequence was no more Halloween.  And we stuck to it.  It broke my heart to take Harper trick-or-treating with her cousins and no Shyla, but we had to stick to the consequence.  We were not going to buy her another costume (no way!) and we were not going to let her go trick-or-treating without a costume (no way!).  I know there were certain people (ahem, mom) who thought we were being unreasonable but we had to do it.

So, Harper and I went to the party at my parent's house and visited about 5 houses for candy, while Shyla stayed home with Stevie and handed out candy in our neighborhood.  The worst part was my family not being together on a special day.

Aside from all that, I just wanted to share this as it was really true this year especially:


butterflymama said...

Wow!! Good for you, sticking with the consequence!!! That's the hardest part of parenting, and I probably cave more than I should :( I'm way impressed!
Hope you're doing well! Miss you!

Your Mom said...

I am a caver no doubt!!! You guys turned out OK tho...!!!

Tess said...

We had a Halloween consequences event too. Luckily it was only missing out on MIldred and Dildred trick or treating...but I'll tell you what...Ayden understood and shaped up so he didn't miss any more halloween events. There are many more halloweens in your was most likely a good lesson :)

Erin =) said...

Oh, Kendra, that must have been so hard, but good for you - it will do her so much better in the long run. It sounds like this is the no fun part of parenting, but you're doing a great job, which is what matters. And yes, it is super freakin cute Shyla was a bee and Harper was a flower =)