Monday, June 27, 2011

More on Keepin' Cool

In our continuing attempt to keep cool with these scorching temperatures, we spent a few minutes outside (we, of course, waited until the majority of the backyard was shaded) playing with the water-table. Here are a few pictures:

Splash, splash, splash!

Sorry about the snot....but this was after she dunked her whole head.

And, my favorite picture of the afternoon.

My mom used to say that when Chelsea and I were getting annoyed at each other, just taking a dip in the pool would fix everything and before long we would be laughing. That's somewhat how our day was...Shy was grumpy all day but getting wet at the water-table left her laughing and jumping and smiling.

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

Us? Grumpy? I don't believe it.
Except for that time when I hit you in the head with that chlorine cleaner thingy while swimming. That made you grumpier than before we got in.
Also, blogger is asking me to write the word "Farty" as word verification. That makes me chuckle.