Monday, June 20, 2011

Shyla's Bad Habit and New Obsession

Shyla has developed the bad habit of twirling her hair when she is tired. She only does it on the left side of her head and she only does it when she is tired and/or asleep.

It is SO cute!

It is also difficult, however, to untangle the literal knot that she puts in her beautiful hair.

This picture almost shows said knot.


Shyla also has a new obsession:

Yep, she had become obsessed with the movie Monsters, Inc. She still likes to watch Elmo and Ernie but has added Monsters to her lineup.
However, she really only watches about the first 15 minutes and then she is off to something else while it plays in the background.

There are a few "dark" moments in the movie (including the intro) but my little daredevil, not surprisingly, just laughs at them.

This is her actual face as the monster is trying to scare the unsuspecting child in bed.


Your Mom said...

Why oh why am I not surprised??!!

Erin = ) said...

Too funny! I know it sounds me, but I love scaring people, like jump-around-the-corner kind of scaring...hmmm, maybe Shyla and I can share a hobby now?! Just kidding, I won't egg her on ; )

Suzanne said...

After our monster episodes last summer, we are actually afraid of showing it to Soren yet!