Monday, June 13, 2011

What my Shyla May has been up to....

Since it is summer break Shyla only goes to daycare 1 day per week (the day of my OB and/or Diabetes appointment) which means we have lots of time to spend together.

We have been taking 2-3 short walks each day. It is supposed to be good for my blood sugars and I love that she is sitting in the stroller again!

Even though we are spending lots and lots of time together, I am seeing significant changes in her almost daily. It is wonderful to see the emotional and intellectual growth. But at the same time I hate it because part of me wants to keep her just as she is today.

Anyway, I was able to capture a few things she has been up to lately:

She is currently obsessed with the ABCs. A few weeks ago I decided to show her some ABC songs on You Tube and now she wants to watch them all the time. Seriously, ALL THE TIME! But, I have to admit she is learning and singing along which is a beautiful thing! In the picture above I think she looks so old (but then you catch a glimpse of Cookie Monster and can easily remember that she is, in fact, only two!).

She is also drinking (occasionally) out of a "big girl cup." I noticed that she drinks out of regular cups when she is a daycare so I have tried it at dinner time. Yep! That is milk and she is doing a great job! She still carries her sippy-cup for juice and water throughout the day and in the car, but I think it's good practice when sitting at the dinner table to use a regular cup for milk.

Ahhh yes, and then there is her favorite cup! My cup! I use these plastic tumblers for ice water all day because I think they make me drink more water. She is learning to use the straw (we still have to remind her not to tip the cup) but she really enjoys drinking from Mommy's Cup. I can say one thing for sure: my girl stays hydrated!

And of course she has not lost her love of dance! I'm sorry for the orientation on the video (I'm new at uploading videos) but she is still dancing up a storm. I especially like that she is rotating her feet behind her in this one!

She and Daddy are having lots of play-time in the evenings. She especially loves it when he rolls her up in the blanket as shown above.

Everyday is something new with a two year old! I should also mention that she is taking really good care of her baby, in preparation for Harper's arrival and making us laugh a lot!


Your Mom said...

A post well worth WAITING for!!! She is such a crack-up...brings a huge smile to my face just watching her antics! Enjoy every fleeting second because she will soon move on to another (equally adorable) stage

Natalie said...

I also use those plastic tumbler cups for ice water because I feel like I drink more when I use them. I'm always on the lookout for big ones.

Chelsea said...

Awww she is so beautiful! I love the dancing!

Suzanne said...

Is this not THE best time in the world to spend with our kids? My break only started yesterday, but we had a weekend plus a day filled with lots of fun. Like you I love seeing how much he grows. On the ABC note, I have lots of suggestions for incorporation into Shyla's life as that has been an obsession of Soren's since forever! Hey, I may have just the thing for you if I can sneak it out of the house. See your work email.

Erin = ) said...

Love the dance moves, Miss Shyla! You're right, she looks way too old in the computer picture!!