Friday, January 2, 2015

A New House?!?

A few weeks ago I finally admitted, out loud, that I am not happy with our current house.  The house I told everyone would be our final move.  The house I said would be the one where our grandchildren would visit us.  The house in which I was going to die.


It's still a great house, don't get me wrong.  But, the yard sucks and that's both something that we could change.  And the wood ….. oh the wood …. all over the house.  The doors, the trim, the baseboards, the table, everything is wood and I can no longer handle it.

So, yes, after just 20 months of living in my "last" house, we started house-hunting and ultimately bought, today, a new build.  The purchase is continent upon the sale of our current house (we DO NOT want another rental) so it's time to get this baby on the market and sold.

Please wish us luck.  Luck selling our house, luck not spending a small fortune at the design center, and  please wish me luck in someday living down this reputation that I've built for myself of moving every 2 years.

{Pictured below you will see Stevie falling asleep while signing page 67 of the agreement and then my dad, realtor extraordinaire, whose business card was stapled to the wall of the business office.}

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Erin =) said...

Oh, Kendra, this post really makes me giggle because I'm pretty sure Dan's response was "ANOTHER house?!?" ... hehehehe, you know you've got my support and I think this next one will be THE one =)