Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Plan!

Things change quickly around here and sometimes, I admit, it's tough to keep up!  We've decided to back out of the new home we recently bought and will be getting our earnest money back shortly.  We are still going to sell our current house (although it's much nicer now that we've gotten rid of so much stuff!) and will rent for awhile.  This will give us time to save some more money and then eventually we will sell the Marquise rental and bank the equity and be ready with a substantial down payment when the "right" house come on the market!  Exciting!

So, what's the "right" house, you might ask?  Well, it's not so much the house as it is the area (85749 or 85748) and the SPACE!  I want SPACE!  I don't want to be right next to my neighbors in a matchy-mcmatcherson house anymore.  We will be looking at homes (likely ranch style) sitting on at least 3/4 acre.  They types of homes are currently WAY out of our price range but if we do well on this house and on Marquise, who knows?

I chose this picture because I LOVE the style of this home.  Even with both sales, this home would likely still be out of budget but I really love it and will be working hard to make it (or, obviously, something similar) a reality-ish.

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Erin =) said...

I've got my fingers crossed for you guys for (eventually!) home-sweet-home!!