Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Parent's Day!

O.M.G. today was Parent's Day at Shyla's school as part of Catholic Schools Week and we had a blast!  

We got off to a rocky start because upon arrival we realized that Shyla had forgotten her cougar bag and lunch box.  I got her checked in with her teacher and then Stevie and I ran over to Panera and brought her back an egg sandwich for lunch.

Anyway, we got to enjoy some coffee and juice with the other parents and got to view a short film about all the cool stuff happening on campus.  Then we headed to the Kindergarten area where the kids were ready to get the event started.  Shyla's friend, Payton, joined us for the morning because her parents couldn't make it.

We did a scavenger hunt and some other worksheets, but mostly just chased Payton around and admired our beautiful and amazing 5 year old!

Good news - tomorrow is Grandparent's Day so there is more excitement to come.

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Erin =) said...

Love the family picture at the end - I can already see this on the screen for the college graduation slide show...tear!