Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lots of Work Being Done

We need to get a lot done around the house before it goes on the market and the clock is officially ticking.  (We have 55 days from Friday to sell it based on the contingency!)  So, the whole family is pitching in!  Stevie has been doing the most work outside and I've been trying to keep the inside looking decent.  With these 2 active girls, it's going to be very challenging!

{Oh, and of course, Shyla took a break from working to make a mud pie!)


Erin =) said...

Sending lots of luck your way with getting the house ready and keeping it ready to show - no small feat with as busy as you are!
PS - I'm loving that I have something fun to look at in the midst of my insomnia =)

Your Mom said...

House is looking GREAT