Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Happenings

Today was a GREAT day!  We had so much fun and everyone got along with each other and was well-behaved all day.  Today made my heart happy!

I got to start by sleeping in until about 7am and staying in my pajamas for another couple hours.  Stevie and Harper got an early start and headed off to her first Movers & Shakers class.  She had really wanted to try soccer but I couldn't find a league for 3 year olds that fit into our busy schedules.  This class is through Parks and Rec (my fave!) and it's one that Shyla did with Stevie when Harper was first born.  As you can see from the pictures below (taken before) they were both excited to move it and shake it!  She had a great time during the whole class except for the beginning stretching, which was probably boring to her.  This will be important time for she and Stevie to have together and it will be important for Harper to know that she has something that can be "her thing."

Shortly after they got home, both girls and I headed off to Zackary's first baseball game.  The girls mostly played with Lilly and cheered for Zack and random moments, but the grown-ups enjoyed watching him.  Due to illness and weather he hadn't made it to a practice yet but he will pick it up right away.

Next we went to Shyla's tennis lesson.  She continues to do great and love it (and, doesn't she look amazing in her tennis outfit?)  It's so fun to watch her have fun with something and she's such a good listener to her coaches and is always trying her best.

We were, understandably, hungry after that so the three of us went to my favorite restaurant Pita Jungle and enjoyed a ladies lunch.  The girls were so well behaved and they both ate nearly all their meals.  It was just lovely.

Finally, after driving around to look at various property, we made it home for some rest time and to see Stevie.  Seriously, today was a great day!

{PS - the pictures got out of order on this post and I'm unsure why….}


Your Mom said...

I LOVE those wonderful perfect days!!! Glad it was one!

Erin =) said...

Sounds like a truly great day! I love the tennis outfit, too =)