Sunday, October 13, 2013

6 Years of Wedded BLISS!

Yesterday was mine and Stevie's 6 year anniversary!  This has been the most amazing 6 years and I could not have ever asked for more!  I adore the life we have built, I am constantly in awe of our little family, and we simply continue to love and enjoy each other more and more each day.

We celebrated by going to The Melting Pot for a nice dinner together.  My parents took care of the girls and had them for a sleepover, so of course they were thrilled!  It was equally fun and delicious!

We don't generally give each other gifts for our anniversary, but we do exchange cards.  Stevie gave me a beautiful and sentimental card and he even wrote me a poem!!  Part of the poem, however, read, "You are still beautiful to me.  Or maybe my vision is no longer 20/20."

I gave him a cute card with two little duckies on the front and the inside read, "I've waded my whole life for you."  Cute, huh?  This picture below shows the cushion of our booth into which he dropped the card and it was irretrievable.

We followed up dinner by doing what every other young couple probably does on their anniversary with no kids in tow: we went to Home Depot to shop for appliances.

Here's the many, many more blessed years.  Time is sure flying by.

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Your Mom said...

All typically Forgacs!!! Happy Anniversary to a really crazy ans wonderful couple!!