Sunday, October 13, 2013

Buckalew Farms 2013!

This morning we took our annual trip to Buckalew Farms (about 1 hour from us)!  It's become one of my favorite family traditions: we run the SAR 5K then we take a tractor ride to pick pumpkins and have family/play time.
This year did not disappoint! 
Since the girls spent the night with my parents last night, they met us at the farm, just in time for us to start our run.  Stevie did awesome and finished in under 23 minutes, I did okay and finished in under 33 minutes.  I must say, I get super pumped up when I get to run by my family and they are cheering for me!  It is critically important for us to set a good example to our girls about healthy choices and physical fitness, and it's also important that they learn where foods come from.  This event does both of those things.

Grandpa Steve and Viv came out too and it's always nice to spend some time with them.  Also, the Riley family was there and even though we don't get to see them often, they are some of our favorite friends!

After the run, we got ready to have some fun!

The pictures are self-explanatory and, as you can see, the girls sure like to run!  We had a great time! 

Thank you, Mom & Dad, for having a sleepover with the girls and driving them out for the race, once again!


Your Mom said...

We had a wonderful time too!!

Tess said...

Nothing better than running into great friends ANd having the chance to cheer them on in a race! You both did GREAT! And I couldn't agree more that the example you are setting is downright awesome =) Wish we saw you more too!!