Sunday, October 13, 2013

Roxy Marie

Roxy Marie developed cancer in her leg.  She is still young and full of energy and has a lot of fun-filled years to look forward to.  So, my parents decided to fight the cancer by having the mass (tumor?) surgically removed.  However, due to the type of cancer, it would likely continue to come back.  So: radiation.  

She just finished four weeks of radiation therapy.  For it to be successful, she has to have her leg radiated everyday for four weeks.  The vet oncologists is on the other side of town.  So, since I've been off for the past three weeks I've been trying to help as much as possible with the transportation.

She is, thankfully, a good car-rider.  Once she gets comfy, she just sits and minds her own business (unlike Pancake who likes to be in everyone's business).  The only thing she has to deal with is the lock/unlock button on which she rests her head.

Since she graduated, she received this orange bandana, signed by all of the wonderful people who took care of her.  She will be seen about every three months to make sure it doesn't come back and form now she is experiencing the pain associated with the fifth week.  She is a trooper!

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Your Mom said...

Thank you sooo much Kendra for all the help and support this last arduous month...she is hanging in handling the post radiation sx (mostly some "sunburnt" skin on her groin area...this is supposed to be the worst week so we are plugging thru!