Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mini Time Machine Museum

Last week the girls and I went to the Mini Time Museum of Miniatures.  It was a different outing for us and a lot of fun.  Our good friend's dad had won tickets at an auction and gave them to us.  We are so lucky to have people who think about us so frequently.

Cameras are not allowed inside the museum so I snapped a few outside before we went in.

At first, Shyla was scared, mostly because it was different and she wasn't sure what to expect.  But there are 5 hidden fairies throughout the museum and once we found the first one she got excited to hunt for the rest. 

All-in-all we only found three of the fairies and Shyla wanted to keep looking.  However, after a little more than an hour, Harper was laying on the floor, so we knew it was time to go.

It was fun and different and I'm really glad we had the opportunity to do it!

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