Saturday, October 12, 2013

Drastic Kitchen Improvement

We've been in this house for about 7 months now.  It's bigger than our old house, but not as updated.  Enter: the kitchen.  Home to laminate counter-tops, a small sink, and really inefficient appliances.  Oh, and this ridiculously large overhang above the island:

We don't have the funds (yet) to do a full remodel, but we decided that having that thing removed would make a dramatic improvement.  And it did!

The kitchen feels 100 times bigger and more open.  More changes to come throughout the year (yes, I said years) as we work to make this wonderful place ours.

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Your Mom said...

I have loved and enjoyed EVERY one of the recent posts!! Please continue...I know it is hard with all you have on your plate..but these memories will be recorded forever!!!