Thursday, September 15, 2011

Harper is 2 Months and Well-Baby Check!

Today is Harper's 2-month birthday! I cannot believe that is has been 2 months already. It sounds so cliche but time has really flown by. Much too quickly - I'd like to slow it down a bit!

Big sister Shyla loves to look at her Baby Sister. Really closely apparently. She also likes to kiss her and tell me when she poops.

Look at that mop of hair. It cracks me up!

This sassy girl is already sticking her tongue out at the camera!

Today we, of course, did our 2 month photo-shoot. It was a little hurried, though, as we had to take the pictures in between Shyla's emotional break-downs.

We also saw Dr. Terry today for her 2-month well-baby check and it went great!

She now weighs 10 pounds, 11 ounces and is in the 50th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. She is "practically perfect in every way" just like Mary Poppins.

Dr. Terry also explained why she isn't pooping very often. Apparently my milk is just that perfect that there is very little left-over. Her body is using every part of it and, obviously, thriving! Yay me!

Harper got 3 immunizations today and Shyla got her flu shot. Shy was such a good girl (she didn't even yell at Dr. Terry) that we stopped for a cookie on the way home and she ended up covered in chocolate.

In other news Harper slept all night last night! From 8 PM to 6 AM she slept! She is only 2 months old ... this puts her approximately 16 months ahead of Shyla's schedule. I know it was probably just a fluke, but it was a lovely fluke.

But wouldn't you know it, Shyla woke up twice last night. Dios mio!


Natalie said...

Breast fed babies can go a ridiculously long time without pooping and it's considered normal. That happened when Spencer got a bit older (still before solids), but I was never so lucky when he was a newborn.

Hilarious about Harper sleeping all night and Shyla waking up. I'm sure you didn't think so while it was happening, but it really is funny. Oh those 1st born children.

Torey said...

hahaha..."she was so good that she didn't even yell at the doctor". This cracks me up!!!

Jeannette said...

Wow, these 2 months have flown by!
I'm so so so happy that nursing is working for you this time around. :)
Ellie went a whole week without pooping once and Dr. Terry had to reassure me too.

P.S. My word is skalinge... definitely not as funny as sally. ;)

Erin = ) said...

Honestly, where have the past 2 months gone?? Yay for good baby check-ups, chocolate chip cookies and sleeping through the night...even if it's a fluke!