Friday, September 9, 2011

Harper's Nighttime Fussies

As I have said before, Harper is like an angel child. She is beautiful and mellow and usually calm. She is also predictable.

Each day she smiles and looks around and plays. She lets me know when she's hungry and she eats. And then she sleeps and relaxes.

Each night, usually around 5:30 or 6:00 PM she gets the fussies. It's almost as if she saves it up all day to unleash at night.

I know, it's hard to believe that this doll-face is ever fussy!

But, believe me, it is true.

Thankfully, Stevie is usually home by the time she starts.

We have found 2 things that help ease the fussies though:

She seems to like being held like this, and it usually calms for her a few minutes.

She also calms down for a bath (sorry that it's upside-down!)

Eventually she falls asleep and the fussies are gone and we do it all again the next day!


Sassy said...

Mason used to get fussy around the same time. I'd be trying to make dinner and waiting for Martin to get home. Then I discovered the exhaust fan over the stove!! He loved it and calmed him right down! Sometimes I'd wheel the bassinet over so I could have my hands!

Eileen Short said...

There's a reason those hours are called the witching great that you've figured out some strategies.


Chelsea said...

She's so cute!!!

Erin = ) said...

Oh, poor little miss (and her parents)! I think all successful women had the nighttime fussies as infants, so really, we should take this as a good sign ... = )