Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WW - week 3

Last week when I lost 4.2 pounds I was really excited to write this post. So excited that I did it even though I knew Harper needed to eat. I felt happy and motivated and proud.

This week is a different story.

I'd like to not write this post, but I am making myself do it. I am making myself do it because I have made a promise to myself that this time I am in it for the long-haul, for the ups and downs, and I am determined to succeed. Even when my ego is hurt.

This week I gained 0.8 pounds.

It's funny - when you lose less than 1 pound you still feel good and you still celebrate. However when you gain less than 1 pound you're told, "well it's only less than a pound. No biggie."

In a way, though, I am glad I didn't lose this week. This is because I didn't really deserve to lose and if I had lost anyway I could/would rationalize more bad decisions in the weeks to come.

I didn't drink enough water all week so this week I am going to make that a goal.
We ate Lucky Wishbone for dinner one night. Yummy? Yes. Light? No way.
I indulged in 2 servings of Blueberry Cobbler A La Mode and a bag of Salt & Vinegar Chips.

Am I frustrated? Yes.
Am I confident about the week ahead? No.
Am I going to stick with it? Yes.
Am I tired of asking and answering my own questions? Yes.

Here is where I currently and heftily stand:

Week 3 Weight GAIN: 0.8 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 5.8 pounds

Pounds to Goal: 39 pounds


Suzanne said...

Something to think about: you just ran a 5k, right? I used to retain weight (water and other?) when I would mountain bike and run...could have been that?

Eileen Short said...

Love that you can be honest...if you had only been naked for your weigh-in. :) (I actually heard of a woman who had the WW scale put in the closet so she could strip down.) It was for her final weigh-in and she had met her ultimate goal.
You are still doing so wonderfully. Hang in there...you are an inspiration!

Your Mom said...

Stick with it Honey...it ain't easy but it is necessary and so worth the health benefits and good examples you are setting for those beautiful daughters! Pulling for you:)

Erin = ) said...

Do I love your honesty? Yes.
Do I totally feel you on being discouraged? Yes.
Do I also totally know YOU CAN DO IT and am I always cheering you on? Oh, heck yes!

kimohagan said...

Keep it up!!! You've got this--I'm proud of you for not only sticking with it but for being willing to share too. (And also impressed with your question/answer skills!) xo

Chelsea said...

So proud of you for your positive outlook and your determination to stick with it. If there is one thing you are, it's determined. I know it's tough. Really, really proud of you sis.