Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WW - week 4

If you will remember, I gained 0.8 pounds at my last weigh-in. Although I was determined to do better the next time, I was looking at a tough week because we went out of town on vacation. Here's what I was up against and how it went:

  • I knew I would be getting a few runs in due to the cooler weather and the extra babysitters staying at the cabin with us. I only ran twice, but that was probably better than I would have done in town.
  • The water up there is delicious! I drank a lot of it!
  • I knew Chelsea would bring lots of fruits and veggies. She did and I ate them! Thanks Sis!

  • I knew we would eat fast-food at least twice: once on the trip there and once on the trip back. We ate McDonalds on the way there, Taco Bell on the way home, and McDonalds once while we were there.
  • My grandparents always have yummy snacks around them. They had there snacks but I was able to resist most of them, and when I did indulge it was with one of Grandma's 100 calorie packs. I know if I start snacking, I cannot stop; therefore it's much better for me not to start.
  • My grandma makes the best homemade donuts! I made it through the weekend by only eating 1/3 of a donut! Amazing! Shyla, however, ate a lot!
As far as tracking and counting points, I scrapped it for the week.

So, as today is Tuesday it is a school-day for Shyla and a Weight Watcher day for me and Harper. However, Shyla woke up early and cranky so I kept her home from school. She fell back asleep at 9 AM so we missed my usual 10 AM meeting but somehow made it to the 12 PM one. I was worried that Shyla would be a distraction at the meeting, but I really wanted to weigh today. I wasn't too optimistic about the weigh-in but was anxious to start with a clean slate for this upcoming week.

I bought a bag of stuff for her to play with during the meeting including the crayons and coloring book you see below:

I also brought along 2 cuties for her to snack on:

She was a really good girl through the whole meeting!

I was very pleasantly surprised to have lost weight: over 3 pounds of weight in fact! I'm perplexed about how that happened but I am pleased and motivated for the week ahead.

Week 3 Weight LOSS: 3.4 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 9.2 pounds

Pounds to Goal: 35.6 pounds


Chelsea said...

Whoo hoo!!! Proud of you and proud of Shyla for being so good at the meeting! Whoop whoop!

Your Mom said...

Yay for all my girls at the meeting! Congratulations on the achievement! Keep it up!!! Pullin for ya'!

Erin = ) said...

Woooohoo! That's great, Kendra, and a great job with all the temptations...I think just reading the words "homemade donut" made me gain a few pouds = ) So proud of you!

Jeannette said...

Way to go! You're doing great! Just stay positive and keep taking as good of care of yourself as you do those sweet little girls! :)

Suzanne said...

Hurray! I think last week was just fluke and you are well on your way!! Great resistance too. Hard to do sometimes!

Emily Guth said...

Great job this week. It's crazy the weeks you think you think you were bad, you actually lose weight!! Keep up the great work!!