Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WW - week 1

I rejoined Weight Watchers last week.

This is my 4th attempt.

Fourth time is a charm, right?

The problem with Weight Watchers is that it works too well. It works so well that I become overly confident and I dropout because I don't want to pay anymore. Then I fail. It is a vicious cycle; and one that I am determined to overcome this time. I am determined to hit goal and become lifetime. Fo sho!

Anyway, while on maternity leave I will be attending meetings on Tuesday mornings so come back each Tuesday afternoon for a check on how I am doing.

Week 1 Weight Loss: 2.4 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 2.4 pounds

Pounds to Goal: 42.4


Erin = ) said...

You have Lifetime Member written all over you, Kendra, you can do it!

Amy Vargas said...

I just joined too!! We both can do it! =)

Your Mom said...

Awesome!! Best smart program there is..you WILL be a Lifetime Member and then it will be cheap!

Chelsea said...

Proud of you sis! You can do it, and posting about it helps - totally helped me when I was losing baby weight. Love you!

Suzanne said...

You can DO it! I'm rooting ofr you my friend! Loved catching up with your posts!

Tess said...

You got it!! We are all behind you 100%, and our Saturday run clubs will help you achieve lifetime membership for sure!!

Emily Guth said...

I just got my lifetime memebership. Keep me posted on your success. I have about 5 more lbs to go before I am actually at my "real" goal weight. See you in a few weeks!