Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hooray for Dan & Erin!

So I know you've heard me talk about Dan and Erin before....

Dan and Stevie have been friends pretty much forever. Dan was Stevie's bestman, Stevie was Dan's bestman. They are two of the nicest, funniest boys who graduated with us.

Dan and I have been friends since sophomore year. He humored me through three years of "lunch with Dan day" and has the rare quality of making everybody around him feel important.

Dan went away to college and met Erin. I could, quite literally, compose paragraph after paragraph explaining how amazing Erin is and how much we love her and how much she and I have in common. (Coincidently, I also have a lot in common with her sister, but that's another topic for another post!) She is intelligent and funny and compassionate and beautiful. Suffice it to say that we love Erin and everything about her.

We think of Dan and Erin as a Power-Couple and we truly admire them and the way they live their lives.


When Shyla was born it was pretty much a no-brainer that we would ask them to be her godparents. Here is how we asked them:

They said yes and we had her baptized into the catholic church in August 2009.

Now that we have our beautiful Harper Ann in our lives, it was again a no-brainer to ask Dan and Erin to be her godparents as well. Here is how we asked them:

They said yes and we are in the process of planning the baptism.

We were lucky enough to see the Power-Couple this past weekend as they were visiting for Labor Day. Whenever Erin or I am around there will be pictures taken. Here are a couple:

This is one of my most favorite pictures ever! Both Dan and Erin look great, Shyla is thrilled to be with her godparents and she is amazingly looking at the camera, and Harper has a sly little smile that I'm sure we will see for many years.

The only thing I don't like about this picture is my husband in the background. Go ahead, see him? He looks silly and now that I have seen him I cannot look at anything else! I'm probably going to have to photoshop this picture to get him out of there!

Dan and Erin with their soon-to-be second goddaughter. There will probably be few occasions in the years to come where Shyla isn't pictured, so this could be a collector's item.

Uncle Dan with Harpey!

Auntie Erin with Harpey!

We sincerely appreciate Dan and Erin taking on this roll in the lives of both our girls and for being such great friends to us.

Fo sho!


Chelsea said...

Big hooray for sure for Dan and Erin! Love those two!!!

Your Mom said...

Wow what lucky little girls!! Now I will be looking at all pictures to see if there is a lurking Stevie in there somewhere...!!!

Sassy said...

You are blessed to have such wonderful people in your life..and especially in the lives of your daughters!

Your husband can be like "that guy" randomly popping up into pictures.

Erin = ) said...

Ahhhh, you know we love being godparents to those girls like nothing else! We are so proud and just them them, and YOU all, so much!! Of course, I saw Steve right way since you and I both have an eye for catching things, but really, I think it completes the picture because really, do we expect any less from that loveable husband of yours?!