Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WW - week 2

As promised, here is an update on my weight-loss journey:

Today I was down 4.2 pounds! Hooray! For a total of 6.6 pounds so far!

I should say, however, that I had an empty stomach because I didn't have time to eat this morning, I had just finished a morning job with Harper, and she had recently nursed.

For this accomplishment Weight Watchers gave me a 5 pound sticker! (I think I am more motivated by those stickers than my 6th graders are!) I also had the opportunity to share something that worked this week. Believe me, I had lots of brilliant things to say but when put on the spot, I came up with nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's amazing how much easier it is to talk in front of kids than your peers. Next time I plan to be more prepared.

For this 5 pound accomplishment I gave myself a Pumpkin Spice Latte (3 points) and a gift-card to I-Tunes!

My "workout jams" playlist on my IPOD is exhausted and dated. My plan is to use it while I train then switch it up using my gift-card to a newer, fresher playlist. I will use it for the first time for the Coronado Half-Marathon to hopefully propel myself to a new personal record.

One thing that worked this week:
I challenged myself to make my plates of food as full as possible, for the lowest point value. This means using lots of fresh fruits and vegetables! Yummy!

Week 2 Weight Loss: 4.2 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 6.6 pounds

Pounds to Goal: 38.2

Question: what songs do you recommend for my playlist that pump you up?


Jesse @ Happy Go Lucky Vegan said...

Yay! Great job - stickers, lattes and Itunes songs sound like the perfect reward!

Your Mom said...

YAY for you...keep it up...I am cheering you on daily!!!

Rupa said...

i'm making my running playlist too! so far it just has nsync and rhianna, but both have a lot of songs with good rhythms for pacing (1,2 step is my current favorite for that)

Erin = ) said...

Way to go, Kendra! I am so proud of you!! Bust out those stickers, sister, you deserve it = ) I am just so thrilled for you and of course, will need more details so I can taken on such success. All the songs on my ipod are "pump up" songs, so they are mainly top 40s and hip hop stuff, but "walking on sunshine" makes me go nuts, so I suggest that to get you through the last stretch!