Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday Week 2011

Birthday week runs each year from October 19 through October 26, meaning today is the last day of BW2011. I don't have any pictures from this year's festivities, but here is a recap:

October 19: Beth turns 28!
The girls and I (after recovering from my scorpion incident) went to Beth's house in the morning with homemade breakfast quiche, fruit salad, Dunkin Donuts, and 2 large DD coffees! We had playtime and breakfast with Beth and her folks. Happy Birthday B!

October 23: I turn 29!
The day started with the CatWalk at the UA. This was our 3rd year doing it and it meant even more this year after we lost Pat to cancer in 2011. I finished my 5K in just under 32 minutes which is good for me and Stevie finished his 10K in under 50 minutes which is really good and that was his goal. After the race we met at my parent's house for lunch and fruit pizza (my favorite!) and of course many more present than I deserved. It was fun and delicious and grandma and grandpa came too which was great! The kids did a lot of playing before crashing for nap-time. It was a great day! My birthday celebration continued to yesterday when Harper and I were treated to lunch by Beth at BJs. Yummy!

October 26: Stevie turns 29!
Today is Stevie's birthday. As I type this, he (and both girls) are sleeping and I have Baked Apple French Toast in the oven. We actually "celebrated" his birthday both on Sunday at my parents and last night at Caruso's. Last night was a bit of a disaster, though, because Harper was doing her night-time fussies and Shyla got tired at 7 which is her bedtime. But, at least we can say we tried. He doesn't know it, and he never reads the blog, but I am going to get an ice cream cake (his favorite!) for dessert tonight...I just hope he doesn't have to work late!

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Your Mom said...

It has been fun! Happy Birthday Week to all!! Love you all too!!