Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our 4 Year Anniversary!

We are your typical love story:

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl forge strong friendship. Boy and girl move in together, as friends, with two other friends and a random Joel. Boy and girl buy a house together. Finally boy proposes to girl and they marry.

Isn't that how it goes?

Four years ago today Stevie and I said, "yes" (not "I do") to a life of loving each other. Our closest 300 or so friends and family were there to witness it. The ceremony, which included a grandma-approved smooch, ended in time for the priest to get to the Salpointe football game and we partied like rockstars all night.

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary we went to Kierland and had dinner at Morton's Steak House (I was pregnant with Shyla). Neither of us can remember what we did for our 2 year anniversary, oops. And on our third anniversary we went to The Melting Pot while my parents took care of Shyla.

We celebrated this year with a dinner at ZinBurger. My parents took care of Shyla and Harper and it was the first time anyone other than us took care of Harper. We made our dinner quick because I was worried about her fussing and being hungry (she hasn't taken a bottle yet).

Everything was perfect, though. Stevie had a snickers shake with dinner and I had a slice of chocolate pudding pie that I had made.

So, here we are after four fabulous, fun-filled years. Well ... us and the random guy smiling in the background. Not sure who invited him.

Here's to more fun ahead for the Forgacs Family of Four!


Chelsea said...

Did you ever know that you're my hero? Love you both! Happy anniversary!!!

Your Mom said...

Random guy looks a lot like Uncle Pete!! Happy Anniversary to a terrific couple who have a wonderful little family!

butterflymama said...

I totally thought the same thing as your mom!
And I loved seeing all of the pictures of you and Stevie. You really look a lot like your sister! :)

Erin = ) said...

Oh, Kendra, I still think of your wedding all the time - had so much fun and can still remember it like it was yesterday...I feel very lucky to be witness to your love story. I loved the pictures in this post - you look awesome in the most recent one from all your hard work paying off. Lots of love to you both!!