Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Don't} Meet Me at Maynards

So, there is a weekly group run/walk/talk social gathering each Monday evening at Maynards Market in Downtown. I think the idea is to get active people together and to get more folks downtown. You can choose the 2, 3 or 4 mile route and it's something I have been wanting to start going to for probably a year now.

Last Monday we had the opportunity to go. I thought it would be the first of many outings. I thought that in just seven more weeks I would be getting my first incentive: a t-shirt!

I thought wrong.

Here is what I learned about Monday night's Meet Me at Maynards:
  • Anytime we drive west on 22nd street, Shyla will think we are going to the zoo and will start talking about the animals she wants to see.
  • The folks at MMM are very friendly! They will give you hand stamps and a light to wear (which Shyla will love)!
  • Shyla will refuse to sit in the stroller and will, instead walk, slowly, gazing at the tall buildings.
  • When she finally sits in the stroller to eat her strawberries and fruit snacks, she will drop them both and will freak out about it.
  • She will comment, "guys running" as people run by. And it will feel like she is mocking you.
  • It will get late. She will get tired. Harper will get hungry. They will both scream the entire way home.

  • And the most important thing I learned is that, MMM is something that I would still LOVE to get involved with but it will have to wait awhile yet. And, I'm okay with that.


Chelsea said...

Haha oh sister, I'm sorry! Sometimes things just don't work out as planned. Try again in a few months or a year and maybe it will work better :)

Eileen Short said...

MMM is an awesome time. Kaia loves walking as well, but that's fine as we're just walking too. Our mistake was meeting friends at El Charro after our walk...melt down.

Try it again soon...armed with loads of food and bribes. :)

Your Mom said...

I agree with Eileen and Chelsea...try it again soon with lots of bribes!! It sounds like so much fun!

Tess said...

Haha, I love the 'guys running'comment. And look at you for even trying MMM with two little ones! rock star mom!

Erin = ) said...

I love that Shyla already has a better sense of direction than I do and knows she's headed towards the zoo!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

It'll work! Just wait a bit :) It's a great event!