Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Maybe you were just laying on it wrong."

Picture this: it's 12:45 AM. I am sleeping peacefully. Stevie is sleeping peacefully on my left and Harper is sleeping peacefully on my right, in her bassinet.

Then I feel something crawling, yes, crawling, on my head. Instinctually I brush it off my head and immediately feel a sharp pain in my finger.

I knew right away that something bit or stung me so I sprinted to the bathroom and turn on the light to inspect my finger. Nothing. No mark whatsoever but it feels funny and then I felt a tingle all the way down to my elbow.

So I wake Stevie up because I know we need to find whatever it was and we need to make darn sure it is nowhere near Harper. Stevie helps me look, inspects my finger, and then says, "maybe you were just laying on it wrong." By this time I have no feeling in my finger, I'm tingly down to my elbow and my face feels weird. And I think to myself, "Stevie, I love you but you're an idiot."

Good news: I laid down on the sofa (after we made sure there was nothing around our sleeping Harper) and got a little bit of rest.
Bad news: we never found it.

The next morning I called Poison Control. After the nice woman listened to me tell my story and my symptoms, she said "that was, without a doubt, a scorpion."

Yep, it was one of these nasty guys:
It has been nearly 7 days. My finger is still numb in just the {invisible} sting point. The tingly feeling lasted about 12 hours and the numbness in my face lasted about 24 hours. The fright that I felt about the possibility of Harper or Shyla getting stung is still with me. We have sprayed every inch of the house, washed all sheets and towels, and vacuumed to every corner. Gotta love the desert.


Eileen Short said...

nooooooooooo! glad your babies are ok.

Your Mom said...

So scary...and painful too as I remember...remember when I woke you years ago and demanded you turn over the chair and that time we DID find the culprit!

Natalie said...

That is a truly terrifying story. I've lived in AZ my whole life (minus my stint in CO for grad school) and I have never seen a scorpion in my house or yard. I worry about it all the time though. Those suckers are good hiders.

Suzanne said...

Holy schmoly! Biggest fear EVA!!! So glad your okay now and sorry you had to go through that! When I lived in Sedona, we found them under rocks in the yard, and a baby one by the faucet in the bathroom. Too easily could have been touched!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

AHHHHHH!!!! Not even a little bark scorpion? That is nasty huge!!

Erin = ) said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww! I'm getting the creepy crawlies just reading this, Kendra!