Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 10

30 Day Challenge - Day 10 - A Picture of the Person you do the Most Messed Up things With

Okay, so, I don't do very many messed up things, but this topic made me laugh and made me think of my BFF Beth. If you've been reading the blog for a while, you have read about Beth and her baby, Sadie.

Beth and I met in college playing softball for Pima. We ended up living together for years and have been through a lot together. During those "living together years" we had a lot of fun. Seriously, A LOT of fun!

We took random trips to Vegas, we colored our hair A LOT, we partied a lot, we laughed a lot, we spent a lot of time on 4th know, all the usual college stuff.

The rest will stay between us, but here are a couple pictures for your enjoyment:

This one was at my parent's house for some party....I think it was my graduation party? or maybe our softball party? Not sure but from left to right it's: me, Roni, Beth, and Heather.

This one, I think, was at a random P&H party, I think. If you look closely you can see the pink in our hair. I will never forget Coach's reaction when we got on the bus with pink hair! Roni and Heather were also in the picture but I cropped it. I'm pretty sure this picture was taken in the courtyard of Star Ranch where we were living. I'm pretty sure this night was filled with jungle juice...or perhaps that was another night?

Sorry about the flash on this one, but this picture was Halloween. We were Army Chicks, or something. If I remember correctly, Beth got sick that night with a migrain...or pink eye...or something.

Anyway, B, I love you and miss living with you and am so glad we are besties. I will always treasure the memories of the "messed up" things we did and if our daughters only do those things, we will be very lucky!


Chelsea said...

Awww you guys are so cute!

Your Mom said...

BFFs, plus you guys look so much alike that Beth got to be a year older a year beore she was the magic 21!! Beth will always be an honary Palmer girl!

Your Mom again said...

that's honorary...sheesh

Erin = ) said...

So sweet! The best friends are always the ones who have the most dirt on you... ; ) Here's to Shyla and Sadie and that they have as much fun as you two did (and are having) ... and that their moms never know about it 'til they're grown up!