Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Steve & Pop's Birthday Celebration! (& UofA game)

As I was typing the title of this post, I realized I didn't get any pictures of either of the birthday boys. Geez, someone fire the photographer!

Anyway, this afternoon we had a lovely birthday celebration for Big Steve and for Grandpa Pop. There was also a UofA game (they won!)

Before we get to that, though, I should probably give a "shout-out" to my husband for winning this trophy in 8th grade for being the best student-athlete. Big Steve has been doing his own Spring Cleaning and coming up with all sorts of stuff for Stevie! I'm a proud wife!

So, yes, there was cake. No, Lilly didn't make this cake no matter what she tries to tell you. This was our 3rd celebration for Big Steve's birthday and his 3rd cake! There was also neopoliten ice cream which Shyla ate with her hands instead of her spoon.

There was ample playtime in Happy Land! We were so happy that Anne, Ira, and Benny were able to come to the party and Benny had a great time in Happy Land!

Shyla, too, enjoyed herself and made it all the way across the balance beam!

Lilly and Zac posed for quite possibly one of the cutest pictures of all time. I guess with shots like this the photographer can have her job back.

Happy belated birthday to Grandpa Steve and happy early birthday to Grandpa Pop! Thanks for celebrating with us!


Jess said...

I love the pics of Shyla, Lilly and Zac!! Shyla's dress is too cute and the look on all three of their faces is priceless! The photog definitely deserves her job back :D

Jeannette said...

Hmm, I do believe you have somehow "accidentally" forgotten to tell the pants splitting story. ;o)

Chelsea said...

Ok GREAT GREAT GREAT pictures of the kids!
Also, I love how Jeannette just called you on the "pants splitting story."
Seriously, one of these days will you take pics of the kids and I?

Anonymous said...

I love that the photographer posed Stevie's trophy next to the dust pan!...and that no mention was made of the demolition zone that is not my living room (explaining why the dust pan is in prominent view!)

Your Mom said...

and again, anonymous is Your Mom!

Erin = ) said...

Hahaha, I can only imagine what Big Steve is finding as he does his spring cleaning...!

Kirsten said...

I love Shyla's UofA dress! I'm so glad you were all together to have a 3rd b-day celebration for Dad! Thanks for making it special.