Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easter Pictures!

Yesterday I took Shyla to have professional pictures done for Easter. Shyla is not easy to photograph. She is so beautiful and so animated, but she also gets overwhelmed and timid in front of strangers and in new environments.

It took all my strength to get her cookie away from her and then her binky away. The photographer did a great job with what she had to work with.

Here are some of my favorites, with the exception of my most very favorites which I ordered.


Jumping, hoping, jumping!

"uh, oh!"

This looks like a head-shot for a model's portfolio!


butterflymama said...

She's just way too cute!! Love all the pictures, and LOVE her dress!!

Chelsea said...

I love her and I want to nibble on her face. That is all.

Ok no it's not... I also love love love her dress, and I can't wait to see the real favorites too!

Eileen Short said...

so adorable!!! Where did u go?

Jeannette said...

Ahh, she's gorgeous (but we knew that before the Easter pictures). I especially love the "uh oh" face!
Hopefully we'll get to see you for Easter! :)

Erin = ) said...

I didn't think I could love Easter anymore...but once again, Shyla has made it even better! Her dress is beautiful, yes, but holy moly, that girl outshines anything around her! Great pictures, Mama!! I can't wait to see the real favorites; I mean, these ones are to die for, so I'll probably pass out over the real faves ; )