Sunday, March 20, 2011

Visitors from The Sunshine State

A few weeks ago was Big Steve's birthday! His sister, Marybeth, and her husband Jim came in for a visit from Florida.

We were delighted to be able to visit with them and so happy that they were able to come all this way!

On Steve's birthday we had them over for a Lenten dinner of salmon! And, of course, playtime in the backyard followed by chocolate ice cream cake that got all over everything!

Shyla, Grandpa Steve, Marybeth, and Jim.

We hope they enjoyed their visit as much as we enjoyed seeing them. And we'd like to thank them again for the Donald Duck Bunny toy they brought Shyla! She loves it and plays with it almost everyday!


Anonymous said...

So sorry I missed seeing Marybeth and Jim this time...looks like a fun time...Shyla loves the duck especially for dance parties!

Your Mom said...

Oh,,anonymous is actually your mom:)

Kirsten said...

Glad it was a fun time!