Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning Part I

The title of this post is "Spring Cleaning Part I" in hopes that there will be a part II, III, and possibly even IV.

Before I get into the spring cleaning part of the post, however, I'd like to share this picture of my little lady:

I know some of you only look at my blog to see pictures of Shyla so here you go. I like to call this picture the "I'm practicing this facial expression as a toddler so it is perfection by the time I am a teenager" look.

Okay, now to toot my own horn for a few minutes!

Technically today is the first day of my spring break. I'm not teaching inter-session this time because I am pregnant and getting tired very easily. Also, I want to spend this time with Shyla and also preparing for Fetus to arrive in a few months.

When we moved last July we totally downsized in our master closet. In addition, with the upcoming arrival of Fetus, we can no longer use his/her closet in addition to our own. This meant I had to get organized and purge. And purge I did.

This is what our closet looked like last Saturday morning:

A few things I learned during this project:
  • I own way too many clothes
  • I should have bought stock in NY&Co. and The Gap years ago
  • I have way too many clothes
That being said, I went through every piece of clothing in the closet (except Stevie's, of course) and organized!

The end result was a Trailblazer full of 4 huge bags and 5 medium sized bags of women's clothes for Goodwill. I dropped them off today.

Tada! Now my clothes can breathe and I can see the carpet!

I'm not quite done yet....I'd like to get a small set of drawers to put to the right of the jeans rack to utilize that empty space.

So, Spring Cleaning Part I down. A few more to go! Stay posted!


butterflymama said...

Way to go girlie!! Great way to use our much needed time off! I however, did not use my not nearly as wisely on our first day off!

Your Mom said...

WOW it is looking great...that is a massive accomplishment in only one day! And, BTW, Shyla already has that look down so no need for practice!!

Chelsea said...

Lookin' good sista!

Eileen Short said...

Love the Shyla pic! Such a cutie, even w teen look.

Nice job!

How ya feelin' these days?

Erin said...

Okay, I love this post, too...what can I say, I'm a lover, not a hater! You know me and know how truly passionate I am about cleaning and organizing, so cheers for spring cleaning! (and I'm hoping those nesting instincts are kicking in to get you to your Part II, III and possibly IV!) It's always so rewarding to tackle a project and make such progress, hence the load to the thrift store and clothes that are organized. And how could I forget - I opened the post and saw that picture of Shyla and almost cried...she looks so grown up to me! I mean, she practically looks like a REAL teenager! Ahhhhh, time is flying and I must get to Tucson ASAP!

Suzanne said...

Shouldn't "new baby" on your title read, "Fetus"? J/ just cracks me up on your blog. :) So jealous you're getting personal work done, and in the gorgeous weather...ahh...I just took a stroll (and a break to check your blog)..