Friday, March 18, 2011

FGF 3-18-11

This evening we had our good friends Becky and Andy over for dinner (a good, Lenten meal of spinach lasagna, bread, salad, and strawberries). Becky and Andy live in Oregon. We don't see each other nearly enough and we don't talk often enough either, try as we might.

Becky and I go way sophomore year spanish class. We also lived together in college and were in each other's weddings.

Shyla was a really good girl, especially considering she opted out of her afternoon nap for the first time. She took a liking to both Becky and Andy right away. In fact, with the two of them around she didn't want me to do anything for her! She wanted Becky to change her diaper... and help her from her high-chair.... amongst other things.

And she thought having Andy read to her was really funny! He was also the only one who could make the bubbles work!

Thanks, A & B for coming over tonight and for taking such good care of my girl!

***Those of you who'd like to hear about me splitting my pants today at the zoo, check back tomorrow. You won't be disappointed.


Your Mom said...

Sounds like a great evening...B and A are really great friends and glad you could get together...

Chelsea said...


Erin = ) said...

Shyla is so cute after her bath time! I love the onesie quilt in the background on the couch and every time I see strawberries, I think of sweet Shyla and how much she loves them!