Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday.

I'm not fasting because I'm pregnant. Not that I've ever actually, totally fasted but I have tried. But due to the fetus growing in my belly, I didn't even try this year.

So what am I giving up? Cold cereal. Yes, I guess you could say I'm going cold turkey on the cold cereal.

When choosing something to go without for 40 days, it's supposed to be something challenging. Sadly, going without cold cereal for even 4 days is killer on me. I love cold cereal, especially the sugary ones. I like cereal for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, and for snack (I would even eat it in a box...I would even eat it with a fox.....)

So wish me luck.

I don't know what Shyla is giving up for Lent, but I can tell you what she is not giving up: screaming at priests.

Back to Ash Wednesday. We went by St. Pius after work today where Father Harry was distributing ashes and blessings in the courtyard. Shyla screamed at him. Of course. But, as you can see below, she got her ashes and her blessing.

She's pretty amazing, huh?
In 2010 Ash Wednesday was in February. You can take a look at what we were doing here: Ash Wednesday 2010


Sassy said...

Good luck with your Lenten promise!
I've decided on cookies! :)

ASingleMothersJourney said...
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ASingleMothersJourney said...

Good luck giving up cereal, especially being pregnant. Let's hope you don't crave it. I gave up sodas!

Chelsea said...

OH MY GOSH I am cracking up right now! What is with her screaming at everyone good? I mean, first Minnie Mouse and now Father Harry?
(Hmm... or did she just punch Minnie in the nose? Guess it coulda been worse had she punched Father Harry in the nose, huh?)

Yous funny sister, yous funny.

Suzanne said...

What did she scream at him? (I guess it is a good thing she didn't use words?) She cracks me up! I am sooo glad I don't have to give anything up, as it would be so hard! My heart is with you.

Your Mom said...

My sweet Shyla! What a heathenistic little Catholic she is! I got ashes from Fr. Harry too and didn't have the urge to scream at him!!! too funny!

Erin = ) said...

I love Ash Wednesday and I always love your posts about it. Oh that Shyla...maybe she was screaming with delight to get her ashes (?) - I can't wait to see her soon! I will be thinking of you and wishing you the best with the Lenten intention - you have told me how much you love cereal, so I totally feel you on the challenge!

lainiekitz said...

Oh cold cereal will be hard. I love the sugary ones too! I feel like I can eat Reese's Puffs for dinner and get all of the needed nutrients for the evening. Aren't I right? I hope so, because I just did!
Shyla looks like such a little girl now! She is precious!