Monday, March 21, 2011

Have you ever....

Question of the day:

Have you ever done this?

Or this?
Or this?
in public?

Okay, technically I haven't either but I did officially split my pants, in public, last Friday at the zoo. Here's my story, sad but true:

On Friday Shyla and I met our really good friends at the zoo: Tessa with Ayden, Alexia with Allessabetta, and Lori with Collin. We had a blast!

About half-way through the trip Shyla decided she wanted to play in the play area. And by "play" I mean scare me half to death. For some unknown reason this particular play area has about a 3 foot drop/jump off. I turned around just in time to see my little daredevil perched on the edge of the drop, knees bent, arms swinging behind her, ready to take the plunge.

So I reacted.

I did just what any other pregnant mother would do...I lunged forward with my right leg, kept my left leg on the ledge and grabbed her little arm. It was beautiful. Except for the sound of the ripping fabric.

Yep, that's right. As my friends were celebrating that I had caught her in the nick of time and commenting on how fearless she is, no one seemed to notice that my purple undies and pale leg was now fully in the open. (Hence, why my situation was different than the pictures above: there was no butt action. It is amazing what "google images" will show you when you search for ripped pants. Consider yourselves warned.)

Eventually I got Tessa's attention and she brought me one of Alexia's baby-blankets to tie around my waste for the remainder of the trip, while Lori watched Shyla (it was a brilliant team effort). We had to go straight home, however, instead of stopping at the grocery store to buy dinner fixins'.

All in all, a very memorable trip to the zoo. When are we going back?


Jeannette said...

Ahh, my curiosity is sated. :oP I too am a member of the Pants-Splitting Club only I wasn't doing anything noble or brave like trying to save my child, I was doing cartwheels on the lawn of my high school with some friends um, there may have been cute boys in sight). Anyway, I heard that gut-wrenching rip as my jeans split right below the left cheek, but somehow no one else did (or else I'm sure they would've commented). I managed to get my jacket on before anyone noticed. Your post made all those memories come flooding back.. haha.
Okay, on to my next call-out: is Fetus a boy or a girl?! :o)

Erin = ) said...

Oh, Kendra! You are Mom of the Year for that right there - I am feeling your embarassment...but loving the story more ; ) You're totally not the only one...I split my jeans once and it was freezing outside and my butt got sooo cold! Even with half my rear end hanging out, my sweet loving Dan insisted he "couldn't see a thing"...!

Tess said...

Being a first hand witness...this was awesome!! You are quite the mom! I have to admit I have told this story a few time already on your behalf as i think it is a true testament to motherhood. You're the best!!