Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Date with Lilly

On February 20th our niece and god-daughter turned 4 years old!

As our gift we arranged a "date" for just the three of us. Yesterday was our date! Chelsea stayed home with Zac and Shyla while we took Lilly out on the town for a morning of surprises!

Every good date starts with a flower. We picked Lilly up around 9 AM and presented her with this flower.

Our first stop was IHOP. She and Stevie "skipped" into the restaurant.

Lilly had chocolate milk and a Rooty Jr. with strawberry pancakes (which she didn't like), bacon, and eggs. She enjoyed playing on the placemat and even got a compliment on her behavior from another patron.

Then it was time for the main-event:

A first-ever trip to Build-A-Bear!

Here are the steps she followed to create her new friend.

She gave her a voice "oh, oh, oh it's magic, you know...."

She stuffed the "skin."

She picked out a heart and made it beat by shaking it.

She and Stevie gave the bear a bath.

Gave it a name in the computer and created a birth certificate.

And then posed for a few pics with her new bear!

It was a great morning and a great date!


Chelsea said...

This was the BEST gift ever for her, and these pictures are beautiful. Thank you both SO much!

butterflymama said...

That's so awesome! Way to go Auntie Kendra!!

Your Mom said...

You are both wonderful aunt/uncle and godparents! Lilly (and all of us) is/are VERY lucky to have you both!

Erin = ) said...

Oh my, this is the sweetest idea I have ever heard of! Miss Lilly is so lucky to have you both - what a fun date. She really looked like she felt like the princess for the day, which is soooo special when you're that age. Love the pictures!

Suzanne said...

"That's Lilly," says Soren, "and Zac," (Oops..that was Stevie) and they're going in the car. Cute pics and what a wonderful aunt and uncle. Great time!