Sunday, March 27, 2011

30 day Challenge - Day 7

30 Day Challenge - Day 7 - A Picture of Your Most Treasured Item

Meet Peaches:
Peaches was given to me by my Grandma Sonntag when I was three years old and when I opened the package I exclaimed, "Peaches and Cream! Just what I always wanted!"

From that day on we were together always. She went on travel with me for vacation and for softball. She made every move with me, even to student housing when in college.

Oh, and she has no neck; a true testament to how much I love her and used to squeeze her in hugs.

Eventually I hope Shyla finds some sort of lovey that she loves the way I do Peaches. So far she is rather uninterested in stuffed animals and blankets.


Your Mom said...

Oh Peaches! What an adventerous life you've had! I fondly remember your brush with sure demise when you were left in a hotel room in (?)N. Dakota or Alabama...after a tearful call from Kendra, and many discussions with the hotel manager, Peaches was located in the commercial washer having been washed and dried with the linen! Peaches got first class passage home to be reunited with her distraught owner...WHEW.

Erin = ) said...

Too cute! My sister and I both have "cry blankies" ... which is a blanket (at this point in our lives, they're more like strings with big knots in them...) and when we were little, we couldn't cry without them! It's funny thinking about it now, how weird we must have looked when we were little, screaming "I have to have my cry blankie becuase I want to cry!"

Chelsea said...

Awww Peaches. I had a pound puppy once, too. Wrinkles. But poor Wrinkles got taken by a tiny CPS worker who decided that she wasn't loved enough. Whatev.

Lainie said...

Oh Pound Puppies! Paul has his childhood pound puppy too. His name is DOG! Jake loves DOG too! I think it is so cute that they both love the same stuffed animal just 30 years apart!