Saturday, April 9, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 20

30 Day Challenge - Day 20 - A Picture of a Place you'd Like to Travel

New York City!

Disclaimer: I am SO NOT a city girl! My recruiting trip to Boston taught me that, if nothing else. But, I would love to visit the city for a few days, and then return to my normal life surrounded by mountains and cactus.

But, for the trip to be complete we would have to stay at The Plaza. For a very specific reason:

The Plaza is where Eloise lives and I think it would be rawther elegant to stay in her suite and visit her gift shop!

Another "must-do" for this imaginary trip to NYC would be a visit to Studio 1A at Rockafeller Plaza. I know it's corny but I would love to be one of those crazy people on the plaza waving like mad behind the hosts.

Oh! And of course I would do all of the normal touristy things too!

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