Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 21

30 Day Challenge - Day 21 - A Picture of Something you Wish you Could Forget

When we were little (okay, in all honestly this probably continued well into our teen years) and we were going to see a movie, my mom would always remind us that it was "just pretend" and it wasn't "real life." As we got older we joked that she was reassuring herself just as much as anyone else.

That being said, I strongly dislike scary movies.

I think movies are great! I think they can be a necessary 2-hour escape from reality, and the buttered popcorn isn't too bad either.

But, scary movies really get to me. They leave me feeling empty and somewhat hopeless. They make my heart beat unnaturally fast, make me toss and turn at night, and always have me glancing over my shoulders.

I have been made fun of for it, but I don't care. It makes me sick when I hear of the movies that my 6th graders are seeing, but that's another song for another day.

Anyway, back in college I saw the movie Derailed with Stevie and Beth. I was talked into it because Jennifer Aniston was the staring role. Boy did she ever let me down.

This is a movie, and 2 hours of my life, that I wish I could forget. I left the theatre literally shaking, feeling like I had to vomit, and with my heart beating out of my chest.

There are probably other things I wish I could forget, but this is what came to mind first.


Chelsea said...

Ugh I hate scary movies too!!!

Suzanne said...

I get it! Don't....whatever you do...see 8 mm. Scarred me for life.

Laura Louise Cox said...

I really like this movie, but I totally agree with you on scary films.

I get soooo freaked out! Paranomal activity is the scariest film I've ever seen :s

I screamed, cried and laughed like a woman possessed at the end. :(


P.s Could you send me details of the 30 day challenge. I want to do it :)