Friday, April 8, 2011

FGF 4-8-11

I don't have a picture of this week's Feel Good Story, but I'm hoping you are able to envision it.

Last night was progressing as usual, until dinner-time at which time Shyla started to get really tired and refused to come out of New Baby No Name's Room. We finally coaxed her out with a Sesame Street that we have on DVD. She snuggled into me, head resting peacefully on my shoulder, Daddy sitting next to us as she instructed.

We sat like this for about 20 minutes. Just resting and regrouping. It was nice.

A skit came on the DVD called, "What's the Name of that Song?" and Stevie said, "Seriously?!? What is this teaching?"

Just then Shyla started humming along with the song. Moments later she started "singing" along, head still resting on my shoulder.

The rest of the evening was lovely.

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Your Mom said...

Oh this makes my heart so warm! Your description was BETTER than pictures! Love from Mexico!