Friday, April 1, 2011

FGF 4-1-11

We've had a lot of big smiles this week (except, of course, if you count the times that the professional photographer at school was trying to take her picture). But one thing has made us smile more than anything this week:

Our pretty pink toenails!

The other night we were at Auntie Chelsea's house and she was painting my toenails (because I can no longer reach). Shyla marched over, looking a bit confused, then she sat down next to me and began pointing at her feet. So, Chelsea graciously painted Shyla's cute little piggies then Shyla paraded around showing them off!

(The sad part of this story is that Zac couldn't understand why he couldn't get his toenails painted too.)

To continue the "feel good" part of the story, now every time Shyla looks at her toes, she points and says, "Auntie Chelsea" with a big smile.

I hope this make Chelsea smile too!


Natalie said...

Tell Chelsea that I frequently paint Spencer's toenails a very pale, shimmery pink. He seems to love it. I'm confidentish that I'm not causing long term harm.

Jeannette said...

Aww, LOVE it. So many sweet elements in this post, you just can't help but "feel good"! :)

Chelsea said...

OOOHHHH that last part brings tears to my eyes! Of course it makes me smile! I love doing her hair and, now, her nails too!

butterflymama said...

Poor Zac! Aiden was the same way last time we painted our toenails, so I painted them with clear polish! Ben wasn't too happy about that though!!

Eileen Short said...

You can't see your toes - oh you must be looking amazing!! Would love to see a belly pic...better yet, in person. Will have to swing by and see you some time at RVMS.