Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swim Lesson #1

We finally got Shyla registered for swim lessons and our first of 9 classes was this evening.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous that she was going to scream and cry and not want to leave me. Recently she has been in a "phase" where only I can do things for her, not Daddy. But because of my current fat (pregnant) "phase" I was not going to put on a swimsuit and get in the water.

Anyway, we rushed home after school (and later than usual because I had tutoring), and tried to eat a quick dinner before getting her suit and towel and out the door. That's when things went bad - I think we were too rushed and she didn't understand why. She threw her yogurt across the room then got mad when I wouldn't give her mine (they were identical). Then she spent 30 minutes screaming and hitting and being down-right unpleasant.

Somehow, by the grace of God, we made it to the pool on-time and appropriately dressed.

And then I was pleasantly this little girl who had a great time in the pool with Daddy and only called for me a few times. Enjoy these pictures of my little mudskipper!

Don't worry, she didn't wear her socks in the pool! This picture was taken when we got home and her feet had been really cold!

I apologize for the poor quality of pictures, our "good" camera wasn't charged!


Jeannette said...

Your little mudskipper and Shyla are too cute (Stevie is the mudskipper, right? ;) )! Just kidding! Looks like she had a great time. Yay Shyla! :)

Chelsea said...

Yay what fun! I have to get my kids signed up, stat!

Tess said...

awesome!! where are you doing the lessons...we are going to do some too this summer.

Erin = ) said...

Just look at that swimming beauty!