Friday, April 22, 2011

FGF 4-22-11

Today was a good day.

As many of you know, I felt terrible yesterday and spent the afternoon at the doctor's office. All of my results came back normal, and I have felt pretty good today.

I couldn't walk the stations on the cross, which we do every Good Friday, so my mom and I went baby shopping instead!

We started at Sam Levitz where we returned the extra barstool and bought a glider for New-Baby's room. It is really comfortable, tan in color, and I can't wait to rock New-Baby to sleep in it, when the time comes.

Then we had a lovely vegetarian lunch (I was starving by that point) at On The Border, then headed to Babies R Us.

My mom bought us this:
New-Baby has a crib (well, she will in 7-14 days)! It is by Baby Cache, Essentials, and it looks like the one pictured above except it is white.

Then we looked at themes for the room and found this:

It is called Beautiful Butterfly and it will be perfect in her room which already has 1 purple wall. We bought a blanket and the wall decals to show Stevie, and he approved!

Those of you with a good memory will recall that we had originally wanted to do the room in a Pink UofA theme. But as I was looking for material and stuff, I discovered that finding the pink UofA stuff is really, really, really hard.

I feel really good about the progress we made today (not to mention I started the day by cleaning out a lot of New Baby's room) and I also feel good knowing that I can go put my feet up for a few minutes before picking Shyla up from school.

We brought donuts for her teachers today and plastic eggs filled with stickers for their Egg Hunt. I sure hope it went well!


Your Mom said...

We weren't able to do our usual religious thing this Good Friday, but somehow I think He would approve!

Jeannette said...

Sounds like a great Friday. I'm glad you're feeling better. Oh and I love the new nursery gear! Looking forward to seeing you guys on Sunday! :)

butterflymama said...

All the baby decor is sooo cute!!! Glad you are feeling better!

Erin = ) said...

I love the crib and bedding, Kendra, so sweet! I can't wait to see it all together - I cannot believe how soon it will be that a sweet new baby is in that crib = ) And haven't you heard? "Stations of the Nursery" is a whole new practice for Catholic moms-to-be ; )

Kirsten said...

Hey Kendra. That is the crib we have for the girls, and is beautiful put together. Love the butterfly theme too!