Friday, April 15, 2011

FGF 4-15-11

Today I am going to post about 2 "feel-goods" from this week:

#1) There is definite progress in the backyard! Yay Daddy! And Shyla seems to be enjoying it. She often pluralizes words unnecessarily, so after I took this picture she instructed me to "sits" next to her. I obliged, of course. But, seriously, look at how beautiful it's going to be!!

#2) We had a FANTASTIC time last night with our really good friends Andy and Alexia and their baby Alessebetta (Al). Look at what a beauty she is (they both are!). She cried whenever I tried to hold her (I think I am sensing a pattern here...) but she is healthy and happy and they are amazing parents! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends!
Shyla has always had a strong liking of Alexia (Andy is another story but she did give him a kiss good-night) and last night was no different. My little "Mama's Girl" insisted that Alexia do everything for her - from holding her at dinner to changing her diaper and getting her ready for bed. It is quite comical. And it gives me a bit of a break from the wrestling match that is pajama time.

I love Fridays and I love feeling good! Next Friday will be an even better Friday because it is Good Friday and I don't have to work! Yee-hah!


Your Mom said...

I can"t wait to sits on your patio too! Alexia and Al look great...she is an adorable baby!

Erin = ) said...

Yeehaw indeed - TGIF! The backyard is looking great = ) And to second your Mom, I'd happily "sits" next to Miss Shyla any day!

Alexia Ruboyianes said...

Thanks KPF....we had such a great time with you guys you!