Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shyla's Easter Basket

Let's take a look at Shyla's Easter basket:

Here's what it contained:
  • A card from Mommy and Daddy with Easter stickers (which she didn't care much about)
  • A Furry lamb (which she threw to the side)
  • A pack of Peeps (we called them "treats" and she ate 1, except the head)
  • 3 Books (we read 1 tonight)
  • An Easter plate (to which she said, "plate!" when she saw it)
  • 5 large Easter eggs filled with Sesame Street figures (she probably would have played with these all day...they were quite the hit!)
  • A pack of bath-time foam words
  • Elmo Bubble Bath
  • Elmo Bath Fizzers to change the color of the bath water
You may be wondering why the Easter Bunny put such emphasis on bath-time stuff. Well, Shyla has decided that she hates her bath. For the past few weeks bath-time has been a struggle, an aerobic workout, emotionally draining, and very, very, very wet.

But, tonight....Easter night....bath-time was a bubbly success! She loved the bubbles and she loved that she could throw her foam words into the tub (we didn't even open the fizzers yet!)

Score one for mommy and daddy (errr, I mean the Easter Bunny)!


Erin = ) said...

So glad to hear the bath-themed Easter basket is doing the trick! Apparently Dan was very anti-bathing when he was little...I hope he's not giving her any tips!

Your Mom said...

Oh so that was the secret to the happy little bathtime face I saw last night!! Good work, Easter Bunny!!!